Thank you for everything!

We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported and been a fan of this site for the past two years. Varsity Wires in it’s current form is coming to an end, and is undergoing a major renovation to take on a new form in the coming years. While meetings and discussions are still taking place as to how all the finite details will work out, rest assure that we’ll still be up and running in the years to come covering 17-6A football, in whatever form it may be.

In the meantime, we will still be tracking the remainder of the 17-6A basketball season as well as the upcoming baseball season on our twitter page, which you can find here.



We’d also like to thank the following people who have helped us in some way or another of the two year course that we ran, as well as the roughly nine months it took to prepare to launch this project, dating back to November of 2012:

Christian Rumscheidt, Steve Koinm, and Jeff Jones at Rumscheidt Enterprises and zAAng Media, our site development and web hosting team who took on many a server collapse as the popularity of Varsity Wires grew.

David and Colin Gay, Griffin Judge, Abbie McIntosh, Brad Wargo, Trey Poerschke, Anfernee Bailey, Hunter Daniels, Lawson Pyles, Matt Du Bose, and Keith Kalmbach, all of whom served at least one game over the past two football seasons as an in-game reporter or put some amount of time into the development of Varsity Wires. These people burned tons of free time and gas money over various weekends when they could have been off doing something else with their lives. Also, special thanks to the various folks on twitter who sent us game updates on days we were short staffed.

Adam Coleman, the twitter celebrity who needs no introduction. Adam was instrumental in about 90% of the growth of Varsity Wires, as his valuable public relations efforts and contributions to the Seventeen-Six podcast helped balloon our position in the world of high school football coverage.

Lynn Michaels, Christopher Tiller, and Adrian Holden at the Texas Sports Radio Network, who all contributed to the growth of Varsity Wires in giving us exposure on the airwaves across the greater Houston area.

Ed Warken, Ray Zepeda, and Sharron Farrah at the central athletic offices in Cy Fair ISD, who provided us and our coverage team with stadium access and press passes to cover numerous football games over the past two years.

Ron Oswalt and Michael De Leon at, who gave us more valuable exposure, in this case on a state-wide scale.

Mack Hoehner, Paul Wilson, and Eric Poerschke, the three-headed trio who have been some of our biggest supporters over the past two years and gave us a key public relations arm within Langham Creek High School and elsewhere across the district.

The late Mark Rumscheidt, who came up with the name Varsity Wires after a long brainstorming session that left everyone else with no decent ideas.