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Athletes Named to 2017 17-6A Softball All-District Team

24 athletes were named to the 17-6A First Team All-District softball team. Of those 24 athletes, Cypress Ranch had the most selections at seven.

The most selections per position were infielders. Twelve infielders were named between the nine teams, almost double than that of outfielders, of whom seven were named to the squad.

Cypress Ranch and Cypress Lakes each had three infielders respectively. Junior’s Jordyn Smith and Blaire McBeth joined sophomore Gabi Lopez as the infielders from Cypress Ranch. Sophomore Audrey Garcia joined seniors Cortez Sims and Jolie Readeaux as the athletes picked from Cypress Lakes.

The only team to have zero athletes named to the All-District First Team was Jersey Village.


Name Class School Position
Cortez Sims SR Cypress Lakes Infielder
Jolie Readeaux SR Cypress Lakes Infielder
Audrey Garcia SO Cypress Lakes Infielder
Edriani Berges FR Cypress Springs Infielder
Jordyn Smith JR Cypress Ranch Infielder
Blaire McBeth SR Cypress Ranch Infielder
Gabi Lopez SO Cypress Ranch Infielder
Sandy Lopez JR Cypress Woods Infielder
Krystal Huynh SO Cypress Ridge Infielder
Bryana Novegil SR Cypress Falls Infielder
Hannah Scheaffer SO Cy-Fair Infielder
Kennedy Picou SO Cy-Fair Infielder
Layla Lynch FR Cypress Lakes Outfielder
Haley Samuelsen SO Langham Creek Outfielder
Karlee Canada SR Cypress Ranch Outfielder
Sami Villarreal JR Cypress Ranch Outfielder
Casey Irvin JR Cypress Creek Outfielder
Meredith Tabor JR Cypress Woods Outfielder
Viviana Zarzoza JR Cypress Falls Outfielder
Cristina Garcia SR Cypress Lakes Pitcher
Alyssa Bazan SR Cypress Ranch Pitcher
Mikayla De Los Santos SR Cy-Fair Pitcher
Shelby Elrod JR Cypress Woods Designated Player
Ashley Koncir SR Cypress Ranch Designated Player