Varsity Wires is the independent home for news, scores, updates, historical records, and more for Cy Fair ISD athletics. Here, you can find a host of information in regards to your favorite teams from your favorite sports at your favorite schools. While we’re just launching our coverage to include more than its original purpose of football, you can still find a wealth of information with regard to any of the so-called “Big Five” sports of high school football. And if you’re curious, yes, we are looking to add more sports in the future.

Chase Parisher first joined Varsity Wires for the 2015 season as a volunteer. He later rose through the ranks, becoming a full-time assistant to former Executive Director Zachary Babb in 2016 before being promoted to the position himself when Babb left in March of 2017. Parisher still oversees the large portion of the day-to-day operations of Varsity Wires. You can catch him at your local stadium or gym typically with a laptop keeping stats.

The original brains behind the madness, Zachary Babb founded Varsity Wires in the summer of 2013 while pursuing his associates degree from Lone Star College. As Varsity Wires gained steam, Babb began to oversee its many volunteers and early development to become a must-follow of the Cy Fair ISD media landscape. Babb temporality left Varsity Wires in March of 2013 to pursue other interests, but has since returned with a primary focus on the digital aspects of the operation. He still resides in Dallas, close to where he obtained a degree in broadcasting from the University of North Texas.

While not a card-carrying member of the Varsity Wires crew, Joe Lee Smith’s meticulous research over the decades has served as the foundation for many of the football records and past information seen on Varsity Wires. Smith has been gracious enough to provide us with the info to make this project possible, and much of the company owes a debut of gratitude to his years of work.