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Bridgeland Coaching History


David Raffield


Hired away from A&M Consolidated High School, David Raffield was announced as the first head coach in Bridgeland High School history after previously spending time in CFISD as Cy Falls’ head coach, leading the Golden Eagles to the state title game in 2006. Bridgeland entered the win column in its very first varsity game against the Waltrip Rams on August 31, 2018, but like most first-year programs, they endured their fair share of growing pains as they stumbled to a 3-7 debut season, a season in which they did not have seniors on the roster. The Bears took a massive step forward in 2019 by advancing to the playoffs for the first time in their brief history. They took another massive step forward in 2020 by winning their first district championship, their first playoff game, and advanced to the regional semi-finals.
Career Coaching Statistics
2018 3 7 .300 0-0 Did Not Qualify
2019 8 3 .727 0-1 Eliminated in 1st Round
2020 12 1 .923 2-1 Eliminated in 3rd Round
TOTALS 23 11 0 .630 2-2

RED indicates district championship season

Last Updated: 1/10/2021